Day 7

Jane walked outside her building, looking for Bill. He had parked his car across the street, and was waiting for her standing on the sidewalk. He was handsome, indeed.
“wow, do I really deserve that, Jane? You look stunning tonight!”, he said in a very low voice, looking her as she approached the car.
She couldn’t help smiling.
“Thanks, Bill. You look very nice, too.” jane had already forgotten how she played that game well. The smiling, the walking, the moving of her hands – all very charming, she knew that. Men had already told her before, after being caught in her ways. She loved the feeling while doing it, and she loved the fact she didn’t lose it.
Bill opened the passanger’s door and Jane went in.
After a few seconds, he took the driver’s seat, fastened his seat belt and turned the sound on.
“Maggie said you’d like these songs.”, he said, smiling.
‘He is really putting an effort in pleasing me! I’m so happy!’ she thought. Then the music filled the car, and it was a live album by Pearl Jam – one of her favorites!
“Maggie was right! I love this album.”
“I never get tired of this one, either.”, was his answer.
By this time, Jane was making an effort not to completely fall for that guy. She knew better than that, but the music was a big deal for some reason, so she tried to focus on the present, and stop imagining their future together.
‘It might not happen, so enjoy the evening before marrying him in your head, you crazy woman!’, she firmly said to herself.
Then she looked at him, sitting by her side, so good looking, smelling perfectly, with great music in the background and willing to make her happy for that night…
‘ah, it’s not going to be easy, though…”, was the conclusion.


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