My favorites

My favorite book of all times is 1984. I do love many others, from Asimov to Tolkien, passing through so many different titles in the middle, but that’s my favorite.
It’s an amazing story about the human nature, in the end. How we search for power and happiness and what we are able to do to reach them. It’s a serious book, a real drama, and written in a very catchy way. It is a punch sentence every page, ideas so profound that hit you every time you read it.
Brave New World is similar to 1984 in many ways, and it has its own merits – but it’s not so enjoyable to read. The first pages are a little hard to pass, with no specific characters being introduced and us not knowing exactly what we’re getting into. But they are both highly recommended, if you somotimes want to get more from your books than just plain fun.


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