Monthly Archives: August 2011

My favorites

My favorite book of all times is 1984. I do love many others, from Asimov to Tolkien, passing through so many different titles in the middle, but that’s my favorite.
It’s an amazing story about the human nature, in the end. How we search for power and happiness and what we are able to do to reach them. It’s a serious book, a real drama, and written in a very catchy way. It is a punch sentence every page, ideas so profound that hit you every time you read it.
Brave New World is similar to 1984 in many ways, and it has its own merits – but it’s not so enjoyable to read. The first pages are a little hard to pass, with no specific characters being introduced and us not knowing exactly what we’re getting into. But they are both highly recommended, if you somotimes want to get more from your books than just plain fun.


Make an appointment

I keep forgetting about blogging here, and I’m sure it’s because I still haven’t specified a time to do it everyday. It’s like any other habit, if you don’t make it an appointment in your calendar, it’s hard to accomplish.
I am personally a big fan of lists, so I think I just need to add this blog to my daily to do.
I said I was going to tell you about Agatha Christie, but I’ll keep today’s post short and do it tomorrow.
I’m blogging on my cell phone, in the garden outside the building where I work and the wind is freezing my hands! (not to mention the mess it’s doing to my hair)
So I’d better go back from lunch and put some order in said hair – probably not in this order! 😀

Back on the horse

After I lost the first day of posting on this blog, I totally lost motivation. But getting back on this horse, I’ve been thinking how odd it is that, before facing this challenge, I always had ideas for writing texts. But now I get myself wondering about themes and can’t seem to find any.
Life is full of little misteries and funny things to talk about, but putting them down on paper (whether the actual paper or the digital one) seems to be a real challenge.
I remember reading a text by Agatha Christie where she talked about her writing process. But I think I’ll save for tomorrow’s post! 😉

Would that be the secret to writing everyday? Being my own Sheherazade? What a great idea! 😀


Oh shoot… I missed yesterday.

Fiction: these days on my TV

I’m not sure what to write about today, so I’m using this month’s theme: fiction. And since it’s a very broad subject, I’ll focus on the fiction I am currently consuming from the TV.
I really don’t follow the TV schedule anymore – I wish we had Tivo here, but that’s not the case. So I’m viewing things that have already passed.
The HBO series are always a must, although I’m late: I’m watching Game of Thrones, but also Rome. I am about to start the Tudors, and maybe the Borgias – I love history! And historic fiction, of course.
What else? I’ve started Dexter, but given up all CSIs… Ooh and I LOVE Lie to Me! I’m a big fan of this police-detective genre.
Well, that’s it for today. Not much content, I know, but it’s late and I got to keep blogging for another day! 🙂